Social media and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are popular choices for general marketing and promotional purposes, but they are not always the most effective options when catering to a specific niche. If you want to reach people with a special interest in your particular niche, you need to focus your efforts on building your reputation as […]

Marketing Channels

For the SME, achieving marketing success can be a challenge. Striking the balance between the investment and the return can be tricky. The biggest impact comes from monitoring metrics and revising the tone of different marketing channels. But there are things you can do that are relatively cheap and effective promotional activities. The key is […]


Getting a font that reflects your brand identity can be an expensive game. We reviewed our favourite 5 websites that provide free fonts. Many websites offer free fonts for personal use but there are few that offer them as free for commercial use so check the licenses before committing to a font. This is […]

Scarcity Marketing

We have all had that feeling, where you feel compelled to buy something because you’re overcome by the fear of future disappointment when it’s no longer available or you miss out on a great offer. This feeling is caused by scarcity marketing, defined as an insufficient supply of a product or a restriction on the […]


Writing copy for your flyers, product manual or website is a daunting task. Each communication channel needs a different approach to mirror the reader’s commitment. For this reason, copywriting is a great skill to have but takes training and practice to get right. Unfortunately, hiring a professional is expensive, more fees businesses can do without. […]


When you are in the market of selling houses, you need a varied approach to communicate your services to both potential sellers and buyers. Use these tips on flyer design for estate agents to create print marketing materials that allow you to reach out to potential customers on both sides of the deal. With all […]

Reading power

Chances are you have seen this passage before, it has certainly done the rounds on Facebook, testament to how puzzling we find it. Most of us probably take the power of our brains for granted, after all, it is a high power processor that has always been there and continues to work away in the […]

We had a quick pole to find out who in the office here at Print-Print was celebrating Valentines Day this year. Like marmite, there was a strong divide in opinion on the subject. We all understood one idea of Valentines Day to be about sending an anonymous declaration to someone we admired, like you do […]

How to annoy a graphic designer

It’s not that all Graphic designers are primadonna’s, we like to be professional and conduct ourselves in a stress free environment (as much as possible anyway), especially if we are up against a deadline. We like projects to go smoothly so we can complete them to the specified deadline and that keeps us and our […]

Business success and new office expansion demands a more creative approach for new business networking. Print-Print are proud to announce that they have recently opened up regional sales offices in some of the UK’s biggest cities. Dean Williams marketing manager for the company said ‘Although our customer base is spread all over the UK, we […]

Guide to Image Resolution

One of the most common issues when printing is resolution. If low it can make a picture look blurred or it can pixelate. The information below will hopefully explain what resolution is the terms DPI (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch), and try and help you to get through this problematic issue, and […]

Guide for RGB and CMYK

This article explains the difference between the RGB and CMYK colour spectrums. With this text we hope to explain to you the reason CMYK should always be used when commercially printing your documents. While also showing you the best way to check your colour settings on the most common software. What we’ll be covering..? To […]


This article explains the importance of embedding or flattening your fonts. It also helps to explain the problems that can arise when this is not done and gives advice on how to get around this.   What can happen if fonts aren’t present?.? Chances are, when creating your document, you have used the fonts you […]

Bleed and Crop

This help guide aims to help explain what “bleed” is and why it is required, it will also help explain how you add this to your design document. This document also contains eight examples of designs minus the correct bleed area and the instructions on how to correct them. What is bleed and why is […]