work experience

Have you heard people say that kid’s today don’t have the ‘work ethic’ that they had in their youth? Well, I think those people may need to remove the rose-tinted glasses! It is easy to look back and think of how much harder we had it, but was there more opportunity to gain experience back […]

Small Christmas Cards

As the cold weather has hit us like a slushy snowball in the face, we are reminded of the oncoming festive season and the celebrations that ensue (and a warm cosy blanket by the fire). Are you prepared…? Do you have the Christmas party planned? Are this years decorations updated to the new colour schemes? […]

Superstitious Branding

Halloween. A time for the spooky, frightening and magical happenings to be lived out through imaginative costumes and decorations. Many of us will be celebrating this historic event, scaring off the weird creatures and evil spirits of the underworld. Nowadays there are fewer people that really believe in the ghosts and paranormal happenings the party […]

Printed versus Digital

Print is not dead. You might be thinking, ‘Of course you would say that, you’re a printing company!’ Well… we get that so we collected facts from independent research to address the point. The research is based around consumer preferences for reading information and how they feel they take on information best. If you are […]

Halloween Masks

Witches, demons and ghosts are just around the corner. It’s just a few weeks till the Halloween parties kick off and we wanted to help with the celebrations by doing something creative. Our design team created this set of printable masks so you can get crafty with the little ones. They are sized for the […]

Poster Design

If you need to advertise an event, product launch or special offer, a poster can be an effective attention grabber. You don’t need to have the skills of Roger Kastel and produce the next Jaws phenomenon. But your design does need to stand out in-store, in a conference centre or at local fairs and events. […]

Universities for Graphic Design

At the weekend, The Sunday Times printed their Good University guide for 2016. This is a great resources for seeing how a university is performing overall. However, if the engineering department isn’t pumping out the next James Dyson it could make the future-carving graphics department look second rate too. Before you get hung up on […]


Photographers work in a variety of awkward places trying to achieve complex results, sometimes with little control over the scene in front of them. As if this wasn’t testing enough, some clients, guests or random passers-by push the patience of the most understanding professional photographer to the limit. All they really want is great images, […]

Employee Empowerment

We have all had a bad customer service experience, right? But now more than ever, customer service should be the most important factor for all businesses. Not only is competition tough, with more and more start-ups battling for a share of the market, but customers now have the power to be heard (even if they […]

Business Opportunity Assessment

If your instincts tell you there is a business opportunity on the horizon not to be missed or you have a big idea worth exploring, how do you go about assessing it? For the average small business, hiring a project management team to make a business case is a little overkill. One of the greatest […]

How to focus a digital camera

One of the things that will often ruin a great photograph is poor focusing. Even entry level Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras have so many functions it is easy to be convinced that the camera has it all in hand. When you look through the viewfinder all manor of boxes, dots and dashes can […]

Recycled paper has long been considered as the paper of choice for eco-friendly businesses and consumers. It takes no explanation to understand the benefits to recycled paper and this can be stated to customers to demonstrate the moral fibre of an organisation. But when you dig a little deeper you find that recycled paper is […]

The consistent rise of Internet sales and the options for e-marketing have caused some to discuss if print is on the way out. Recent research demonstrates that marketing is definitely changing, but that traditional marketing channels like print remain highly valuable in the marketing mix. Key to maximising the options available would be through employing […]

It is tempting, isn’t it? Just run off a few business cards or flyers on the office printer, it can be done right then and it appears to be cheap as you have already bought the paper, ink and printer. Now, if your teenager with a car washing empire, this is just fine. No one […]

If you were Cadburys Marketing Manager you would understand the importance of a true representation on your famous purple. That luxurious silky purple (even before the metallic finish) on those little bars of loveliness is instantly recognisable as a brand asset. So when you come to print a booklet for visitors to Cadbury World you […]

What should you put in a flyer

Getting marketing materials printed is a valuable investment. Flyers are perfect for getting a simple message across, one that might be time-bound such as a product offer or branch opening. Whether they are for distribution at a trade fair, through direct mail or in-store, they all need to follow the same basic principles. These will […]

TOP 10 FREE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITES The days of high-key white backgrounds behind smiling suited office workers with their thumbs are up are numbered, thankfully. They are cheesy, overused and no longer reflect the growth in youthful lifestyle business imagery. We recently showcased a client of ours, Baa Ram Ewe, who have a beautiful style […]

baa ram ewe

About the company: Baa Ram Ewe is an organisation passionate about knitting and built around the local area, celebrating Yorkshire’s rich heritage through home-grown materials. The various yarns, patterns and inspirational products help knitters explore the craft while supporting Yorkshire’s local businesses and […]