What do you say on social media?

Most businesses big and small are now using social media within their marketing strategy. For the most part, the larger companies with the bigger budgets are getting this right but for the small business, it is a challenge to know how to use the tools. This will vary massively depending on your intended audience but […]

Customer retention

Even those of us like me who don’t drink coffee (I know, how do I get through the day right?) have come across the loyalty card. Collect the stamps and you can get a free coffee… and a new card. This is a super simple but effective way of generating a habit in your customers, […]

Buying print online

Being an online printing company we get asked all sorts of questions by customers generally regarding artwork preparation and placing orders online. Here are some of the most recent queries which seem to be quite popular. How do I get my catalogue or leaflets designed? Every job is different so there are a number of […]

VW altered typeface

Although most of us can appreciate that Arial looks a lot more professional than Comic Sans, using psychological profiling to refine the curve of the ‘s’ in our company typeface would seem a little excessive. But some companies are spending huge amounts of money of their typeface or logo design. Volkswagon recently changed their font. […]

Anti social media

We have all been there, said something that in our head sounded exactly how we meant it but the second it was out there we realised the potential for misinterpretation. With all the best intentions, some things just come out wrong but fortunately, in everyday conversation, these can go by relatively unnoticed or quickly forgotten. […]

main UK political party logos

Organisational branding is a key tool in letting people know who you are. It can identify the organisations position in the market, who they are targeting themselves at and the mission or founding principles. Logo, typeface, colour scheme, images and design layout are all important elements in the branding process. This even more so important […]