Colour has another role that doesn’t rely on its symbolic associations, and this is in the field of information, where its use is as a means of making information clear and legible. In this area the originality of the idea takes second place to the visibility and immediate readability of the message. Fire brigades use […]

Colour is also used to suggest freshness, with bright blues, greens and yellows being the colours most often chosen where vitality and sparkle are associated with the product. Obviously, where there is an association with fresh water and coolness, blue has a prominent role, as does green for the promotion of field sports and other […]

Not all health foods are promoted with bright colours. Following the current trends toward healthy eating habits we are now eating more and more cereal products.

Many colours have messages that are internationally recognized and symbolize various actions, warnings, or products the world over.

The basis of design is the bringing together of various elements into one area to achieve an interaction that will communicate a message within a given context. The message may be conveyed and even manipulated through the careful visual juggling of the elements that are to be used within the design area. Essentially, these elements […]

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Going digital nowadays has become a necessity, especially in fast paced world of colour printing. Our customers need things quicker these days – so back in February 2009 we decided we were going to supply digital printing to run alongside our litho printing. Digital printing is perfect for small runs and is incredibly cost effective […]

Spot Colour is used by actually mixing ink to the desired colour rather than using the CMYK process to achieve it. The printer will mix varying amounts of colour to reach the correct consistency and then this is printed directly onto the document. Its not un-common to see a ‘full colour’ print job having an […]

What is CMYK or Process Color? CMYK or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black are used in the industry standard colour mixing techniques to achieve full colour printing of just about everything from A5 Leaflets and flyers, to full colour brochures and newspapers. Have you ever noticed on the back of a newspaper that there are […]

When artwork is created and made ‘print ready’ in almost all cases bleed is required. This is an additional area added (normally 3mm on all edges) to the finished size of your document. It allows either the finishers or even the guy who guillotines the final job down to size when its completed, a little […]

Most people view a business card as means to an end, a way of leaving your contact details with someone after a meeting. Business cards have been around for a few hundred years and in some circles they are regards as a symbol of the person who hands it over. Some people take business cards […]

Here at Print-Print we spend a lot of time giving advise to customers who are new to the world of full colour printng, advising them on how to prepare their design work for print.


This is our first blog – so you’ll have to forgive us if its a slow starting. We plan to use this blog as means of sharing some of our knowledge and experiences form the world of design and full colour printing.colour printing.lhkjh