Full colour printing is achieved by a mixture of dots in order to create any colour. The percentage of CMYK colours used within this mixture then determines the colour which is printed. This technique works perfectly well until its used on thin lines or thin fonts. Lets say you want to create a grey which […]

If you’re creating artwork for print, you’ll only get decent results if you’ve got a basic understanding of image resolution. Don’t worry, it’s actually quite a simple concept – nowhere near as complex as some people seem to think. So stick with me here, I’m going to try to make this as painless as possible…??What […]

If your document has the correct 3mm bleed then it will show as it is seen past the crop marks. With a minimum of 3mm bleed allows us to ‘trim to colour which avoids any white ‘slithers’ which may appear when the items are guillotined after printing. See here how the document looks with ‘crop […]


If you are considering printing a brochure or booklet with multiple pages, then you may be required to supply your artwork in printers pairs. An easy way to explain this is to make a paper mock-up or your booklet which will help identify the pages which need to sit next to each other once the […]

Solid areas of colour in particular solid black, can pose a problem if its not been set up correctly. Most artwork we see is set up with full colour black, which means that the black is made up from within the full colour set, there will be a percentage of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. […]

Well this is a strange one, the name indicates a leaflet which folds ‘tri’ or 3 times doesn’t it?, well no not exactly. This term is usually used to describe an A4 leaflet which folds twice to 1/3 A4. It can also be called an 6pp DL, this means a leaflet with 6 panels, for […]

For a roll folded leaflet, in order to create artwork for a A4 folded to DL, or 6pp DL leaflets you need to divide up the 6 panels, creating 3 vertical panels each side. Imagine the document is flat A4 landscape, and you are looking at the outer cover side, so what you see is […]

When artwork is created and made ‘print ready’ in almost all cases bleed is required. This is an additional area added (normally 3mm on all edges) to the finished size of your document. It allows either the finishers or even the guy who guillotines the final job down to size when its completed, a little […]

Here at Print-Print we spend a lot of time giving advise to customers who are new to the world of full colour printng, advising them on how to prepare their design work for print. Dean WilliamsDean Williams is a design and marketing blogger working for Print-Print Limited, promoting business and building brands through quality print […]