logos which smile

With so many catchy and appealing logos we view on a daily basis, did you ever wondered if the logos had a smile hidden somewhere, or if you have found a logo to be attractive, what makes it so appealing? As per studies conducted, it was found that there are at least fifty different ways […]

upto20words logo print-print

Company: UP TO 20 WORDS Ordered: 1000 x A6 Leaflets printed in full colour onto 160gsm Silk Website: www.upto20words.co.uk About the company: Based in Bery St Edmund’s Suffolk, upto20words produce typographic and personalised poster designs which are perfect as gifts for friends and family or look great as a centre piece for any office or […]

Brands are everywhere, they form an subconscious opinion in our minds as to what we think about companies and organisations, especially the larger global corporations. They are carefully designed to by teams of designers and marketers with the sole purpose of making us recognise them to the point of trusting them in order for you […]

Fed-up with stupid feedback from customers, Irish duo, graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy created a set of posters of their “favorite worst customer comments”. The two have worked together on the “Sharp Suits Series” with a team of other advertising creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more, this expression of creativity was an […]

dirct mail doormat

We firmly believe that direct printed mail and door drops through letterboxes are going through a renaissance at the moment. For years this type of marketing was over-saturated it originally coined the phrase of ‘junk mail’. But what we are noticing is that because this type of advertising has been kind of de-valued over years […]

create good content

Content marketing is simply creating information relating to your brand and products which you then place on your website. This could be anything, as long as it is interesting to the reader and its associated to your industry, don’t talk about irrelevant topics such as football or the weather, save this for your personal social […]

rolling stone boston bomber edition

Like it or not, the August 2013 issue of Rolling Stone magazine could end up being a smart marketing move. The cover featured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, otherwise known as “Suspect No. 2” from the horrific bombing of this year’s Boston Marathon. The tagline under his photo reads, “The Bomber. How a popular, promising student was failed […]

admit when you are wrong

We all know there are two types of leaders –Those who admit they are wrong and those who believe doing so is a sign of weakness. They will never admit to errors and as the boss, they are always right! Does this sounds familiar to you? Then did you also know that those who never […]

can i run my own business

Is starting a business right for you? If your day dreams of starting a business are filed with images of you giving orders to someone else and then swanning off to sip cocktails by the pool while they do all the work, it’s just possible business ownership isn’t for you. While many of us have […]

Customer Service Patrick George

Company: PatrickGeorge. Ordered: 1000 x DL 6pp (A4 folded to DL), full colour onto 170gsm gloss. Website: www.patrickgeorge.biz About the company:  PatrickGeorge is a husband-and-wife team who write, illustrate and publish picture books for children. Peter, a.k.a. Patrick George, also illustrates for a wide range of clients from Microsoft to GQ magazine. They set up […]

Company: Henley in Arden Foodbank. Ordered: 2500 x DL 6pp (A4 folded to DL), full colour onto 170gsm gloss. Website: www.henleyinarden.foodbank.org.uk   About the organisation: Henley in Arden Food Bank will open its doors on Monday 25th March with an aim to help feed local people who are struggling to feed themselves in the current economic […]

demise of the high street

Another big high street brand bites the dust. The demise of HMV is evidence of a huge uncontrollable shift towards buying digital products online making it an inconvenience to shop for this kind of product on the high street. Why would you want to drive into your local town, having paid for fuel, park the […]

odd Christmas cards

The say that Christmas is a time to relax and have fun, have fun with friends and family. But I am surprised any of these lot have got any friends left after sending Personalised Christmas Cards with these images on. What are they thinking?. Luckily for us, they are mainly American families so they we […]

Sweet Bambini Logo

Company: Sweet Bambini Newborn Photography with Maria Murray Ordered: 1000 x A4 24page brochures printed, full colour onto 170gsm gloss inner and 250gsm gloss cover Website: www.sweetbambini.co.uk About the company: Sweet Bambini, the home of high end, luxurious newborn & maternity photography. Beautiful photography is something that becomes even more valuable with time, and a […]

Barnshaws Logo

Company: Barnshaws Steel Bending. Ordered: 5000 x A5 20pp Brochures, full colour onto 250gsm gloss with a gloss laminated outer cover, in 5 languages. Faye Millard, Head of Design at Barnshaws reveals how Print-Print helped her achieve the perfect solution to this years corporate brochure printing. “We asked Print-Print to devise the best solution to […]

Over the last 10 years fast food restaurants have been through a change in their drive to sell as quickly as possible really cheap products at the highest price they can, and there is nowhere this is more prominent than McDonalds. It wasn’t too long ago that I remember McDonalds being a vibrant brightly coloured […]

Nike logo history

The world’s biggest brands have gradually simplified their logos over many years. Is this a fashion thing? we think not. Its probably more to do with data captured from testing these brand logos with experts is more than likely pointing towards the fact that ‘make it simple, makes it easier to remember’. Large corporate companies […]

Dragons Den Peter Jones is really tall

Great news for all entrepreneurs and business start-ups. Dragons’ Den returns to our screen again. With some great investment opportunities for the famous five, notably the best and most public success goes to Levi Roots and his Jamaican Reggae Reggae chicken sauce., it’s everywhere! But its the eccentric and sometimes deluded wannabe entrepreneurs who are […]