With everything that we see in its printed form, there is no other medium where design plays such a large part in its success or failure. Design is everything within a poster. Good design is striking, imaginative and portrays the message quickly, posters are not meant to be detailed, there is not enough time to […]

You must have heard about QR codes? You probably have, as they are popping up everywhere! Despite how commonplace these little squares are becoming, many people don’t realise what a powerful marketing tool they can be. QR codes (or ‘Quick Response’ code) is a unique barcode, and can not only be read by QR equipped […]


Print advertising’s image has suffered at the hands of digital and new media, with companies migrating to the internet in search of new customers.  However print still provides numerous methods to build customer awareness; new products and techniques are proving that a successful print-based campaign still offers value and results. Memostick is a recent development […]

A Close Look at your Favourite Supermarket Don’t be fooled – it’s what it says ‘your favourite supermarket’. The odds are that you are a loyal shopper at the top 4 in the UK. You have chosen to shop there and if you’re asked why, you’ll defend your decision. This means that you’re predisposed to […]