What is against the grain? All paper has a grain direction. To determine the grain direction, hold out your hand and lay on it a small sheet of square paper, see how it holds itself flat whilst draping over your hand, now turn it 90 degrees and see if the drapes less or more, this […]

spot uv

Spot UV refers to a high shiny finish added to an area of printed material, this can be noticed by a very reflective high shine it has when it catches the light. How Does it work?, How is it Done? Spot UV can make areas of your design really stand out. You need to have […]

Whenever a job is placed on a printing press it is susceptible to a slight movement. Printing presses are incredibly accurate, they have to be in order to ensure that colours are printed in the correct position, especially when printing in close register using CMYK, where any slight movement between two colours can lead to […]

This is not as headline grabbing as it sounds. No blue or red headscarves, no ‘bloods and crips’ set for a hollywood gang shoot out – its much less terrifying. It actually refers to how print jobs are placed together on one large sheet and ‘gang printed’ together, its also know as the ‘grid printing’ […]

When you are buying printing from an online company the chances are you will be asked to pay for it in advance. This isn’t anything to worry about, (it’s a given that you pay for your weekly shopping before you can start to eat it) similar to buying a book online, its very unlikely you […]

non self covering brochure

When you’re ordering a brochure or booklet or any multi-page printed document you may be asked if you would like to upgrade the outer cover to a thicker material or if you would be prefer a self covering format. Self covering refers to the document being printed onto the same material throughout, so it has […]

Online printing companies have some way to go in order to persuade customers to move away from their existing local print suppliers. This invisible umbilical cord may be difficult to be severed. Here’s 5 reasons why you may not want to switch: 1. We’ve used the same company for years 2. They’ve always done a […]

grid system for litho printing

Unless you are requiring a bespoke order onto a certain unusual material or in fact if you are ordering a large quantity of any given print order then its highly possible your order for 20,000 or less quantity of leaflets will be printed on what’s known as grid system How the grid system works This […]

brochure printing

The difference and specifications between a brochure, leaflet, pamphlet, and booklet? Do you call a round bread roll a bap or a cob?. A Potato is a potato until you call it a spud? Brochure printing and booklet printing are the same thing, they are just referred to differently by different people. A sheet of […]

Bleed is one of the most important parts to design any attractive artwork for print.  In this regard, Professional designers are using expand background images as well as elements beyond the ends of the text by using additional 3mm or more as per the requirement. It is also avoiding unnecessary white borders and side of […]

What is the difference between a Brochure and a Booklet ? Brochure printing and booklet printing are the same thing, they are just referred to differently by different people. A sheet of A4 paper folded in half becomes a 4 page or (4pp) A5 leaflet. Multiples of this 4pp are then printed and stapled together […]

Advantages and Comparisons The growth of digital printing technology has brought with it technical advancements, options and exciting features to commercial printing. With these advancements there has also been introduction of some confusion in the market and it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the new way of printing and compare it […]

Paper is usually in many forms known professionally as ‘stock’. You can only determine the best paper for your project when you know the different types of paper stock available as outlined below. Take note of the different types and the suitability of each for your project. Coated Paper This kind of paper as the […]

vat on printing

Rules for VAT (value added tax) on printed materials are very complicated when we talk about United Kingdom legal laws. Especially VAT on leaflets and flyers are very tricky but this does not mean that they cannot be understood. The further discussion explains the whole process in an easy way so an idea can be […]

booklet push-out

To give you an example of push out, grab a handful of paper, say 20 sheets of A4, then try and fold them all together – you will see that the outer pages have further to travel around where the spine would be, which makes them shorter overall compared to the other pages, or it […]

Before the arrival of the Internet, ordering printed materials was both time consuming and costly. Fortunately, the introduction of digital printing alongside all this new technology has made it simpler and much cheaper to order printed materials. These days, it is simple to produce graphics on your own computer, save them to PDF and submit […]

image resolution Print-Print.co.uk

If you are involved in creating the artwork that needs to be printed, then in order to help you get a better outcome you will need a new understanding the basics of the image resolution. There is nothing to worry about, as this is often based on the simple concepts. This is also not so […]

Full colour printing is achieved by a mixture of dots in order to create any colour. The percentage of CMYK colours used within this mixture then determines the colour which is printed. This technique works perfectly well until its used on thin lines or thin fonts. Lets say you want to create a grey which […]