TOP 10 FREE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITES The days of high-key white backgrounds behind smiling suited office workers with their thumbs are up are numbered, thankfully. They are cheesy, overused and no longer reflect the growth in youthful lifestyle business imagery. We recently showcased a client of ours, Baa Ram Ewe, who have a beautiful style […]

What do you say on social media?

Most businesses big and small are now using social media within their marketing strategy. For the most part, the larger companies with the bigger budgets are getting this right but for the small business, it is a challenge to know how to use the tools. This will vary massively depending on your intended audience but […]

Customer retention

Even those of us like me who don’t drink coffee (I know, how do I get through the day right?) have come across the loyalty card. Collect the stamps and you can get a free coffee… and a new card. This is a super simple but effective way of generating a habit in your customers, […]

Anti social media

We have all been there, said something that in our head sounded exactly how we meant it but the second it was out there we realised the potential for misinterpretation. With all the best intentions, some things just come out wrong but fortunately, in everyday conversation, these can go by relatively unnoticed or quickly forgotten. […]

Taking Better Photography

There are so many pressures on a small business marketing budget that taking your own photographs is often essential rather than having any choice. With digital cameras now so affordable and more user friendly, this option is more accessible than ever for beginners and provides excellent flexibility. It is important to understand some basic principles […]

main UK political party logos

Organisational branding is a key tool in letting people know who you are. It can identify the organisations position in the market, who they are targeting themselves at and the mission or founding principles. Logo, typeface, colour scheme, images and design layout are all important elements in the branding process. This even more so important […]

Social Media Apprenticeship

Print-Print is looking for an individual who has the passion for Social Media and Digital Marketing. Working alongside the Marketing Director, the role will include: – Daily updates and activity on all Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few – Writing regular articles and publishing to the […]

Focus on Customer Experience

We know we don’t need to restate the importance of customer service within your business. Given the option of a friendly barista who serves your coffee with a smile and one who slams down your coffee and moves on without a word, we know who everyone will go back to. In fact a recent Vodaphone […]

A picture is worth a 1000 words

How to fully immerse a reader in your promotional literature. The psychology of perception raised the following key issue. The way people see what is in front of them is determined by their state of mind. So let’s now put this into an example. A person thinking about going on holiday will pick up a […]

Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant 2015

“We are very proud to have won this accreditation award from Feefo, being a ‘Gold Trusted Merchant’ is something for us all to be very proud and I know the Staff at Print-Print have worked very hard to achieve it. Selling quality products along with great customer service is key to customer satisfaction which is […]

mac keyboard | print-print

What Do the Best Writers Do That Other Writers Don’t? If you work with writers, you have no doubt noticed that some need lots of editing and coaching in order to make sense of their work, while some need very little. Since I both write and work with a content writing team, it’s an issue […]

Business success in 2015

What if your business is affected by bad weather? You need to make an ‘unexpected circumstances’ plan. This will make sure everyone knows who is doing what, where and when should the weather cause you problems. The main areas to cover are setting up a temporary office if you can’t get to your original one. […]

Freshen up your business profile

If your business is going to compete you need to keep its branding up to date, by this we don’t mean you need to re-syle your logo every 12 months, but you just need to stay in touch with what your competitors are up to in order to stay in the game. We’ve listed these […]

Happy 2015

A New Year is upon us already and I’m betting I’m not the only one who is still behind on last year’s resolutions! But one thing we will be doing at Print-Print again this year is getting organised (even though this blog post is 2 days late!) Because organising both your workload and your life […]


Direct mail is a form of marketing that is proven to encourage a response from consumers. By having complete control over your communication in terms of timing, targeting, and what you actually say, you can encourage consumers and businesses to interact with your business. But how do you go about creating an effective direct mail […]

blow your marketing budget

There is no doubt that the economy is improving and with this renewed optimism small businesses are increasing their marketing budgets, but the best way to getting the best return on your investment is to eliminate waste, Eg stop doing things that aren’t as successful as they used to be. There are so many companies […]

square brochure print-print

Here are some tips to help you create a brochure which really stands out from the norm! We know there are brochure templates available for you to use, but these are not always professional enough for client work. These may have helped you learn enough to design brochures from scratch, but are you able to […]

Starting a business on a shoestring? Looking for ways to stretch your small business marketing budget? Almost all small businesses face a financial challenge when they are starting out, finding a marketing budget is often at the back of the queue. The big question is how do you get the word out about your business […]