It is obvious that companies all over the world are having to reduce costs and still strive to increase sales. This is why online printers have seen a huge growth over the last couple of years. Gone are the days where designers and marketing agencies just automatically give their print work to their local printer, […]


I ask the question, because direct mail is now under threat from two quarters: door to door, and email. The amount of door to door material that Royal Mail could deliver was limited to three items a week until the last settlement with the CWU. Now the amount is unlimited, and if my own house […]


This is our first blog – so you’ll have to forgive us if its a slow starting. We plan to use this blog as means of sharing some of our knowledge and experiences form the world of design and full colour printing.colour printing.lhkjh Dean WilliamsDean Williams is a design and marketing blogger working for Print-Print […]